ADA - Active Directory Automation


CaSync Active Directory Automation (ADA) is a service that empowers schools to efficiently manage their administration systems with minimal effort from IT staff.

The dynamic nature and transient movement of staff and students throughout the school year creates substantial challenges for IT staff to maintain up-to-date data integrity.

Through ADA, schools can directly synchronise their administration systems and improve workflow.


  • Release of IT staff during the most congested time periods of the calendar year
  • Consistent / standard method of account creation
  • Enhanced security and co-ordinated control of staff and student ingress and egress from the school
  • Reduction in manual errors
  • Direct coordination of account creation from school system
  • Pre-creation of accounts prior to students and staff starting so their transition into the school is as smooth as possible.

ADA will generate workflow efficiencies and result in significant cost savings. We estimate the capital payback at approximately ONE year.

ADA the most cost efficient solution for schools to achieve effective synchronisation of their administration systems.