ATP - Automated Timetable Publication


CaSync’s Automated Timetable Publication (ATP) is a service that enables school’s to easily plan and schedule meetings, events and exams with stakeholders.

The task of finding multiple stakeholder’s availability can be very time consuming and frustrating.

With ATP, each person’s timetable will automatically be synchronise to their calendar nightly, providing up-to-date information that is available for sharing within each stakeholder’s calendars.

Through ATP, schools can work more cohesively and improve time efficiencies when planning and scheduling.


  • Direct calendar invitation to meetings, events and exams
  • Provides the ability to view each stakeholder’s availability within their own Microsoft Office or Google calendars
  • Allows students and parents to add timetables to their calendars

ATP is the most cost efficient solution for schools to achieve effective time efficiencies for planning and scheduling.

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